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Made with 100% natural ingredients, this vegan and cruelty-free concoction doesn’t only even your skin tone—it draws out acne-causing impurities and promotes collagen production for healthy, soft & glowing skin, wherever you’ve got it. We’ll drink to that.

Sea Salt, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil,Turmeric Extract, Vitamin E, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate.

Massage in circular motions on damp skin. Give extra attention to your bikini line and underarms. Rinse, then pat dry. Repeat 2-3 times a week for best results. Avoid contact with eyes and discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

What's the best way to use the body scrub?
Just dampen your skin, gently massage the scrub in a circular motion, focusing on your bikini line and underarms, then rinse and pat dry. For best results, we recommend doing this 2-3 times a week.

Can I use the body scrub every day?
While our scrub is gentle, we recommend using it 2-3 times a week to keep your skin glowing and fresh without over-exfoliation.

Can I use the body scrub on sensitive areas?
Our scrub is formulated to take care of even your most delicate parts. It's perfect for the bikini line, underarms, and everywhere else you want to glow.

Is the body scrub vegan and cruelty-free?
Absolutely! Our scrub is a blend of 100% natural ingredients and is both vegan and cruelty-free.

What does the body scrub do?
Our body scrub works wonders by exfoliating dead skin cells and moisturizing dry areas. It also promotes collagen production for a healthy, glowing skin.

What happens if the body scrub gets in my eyes?
In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. If you experience any irritation, discontinue use.

Can I use the body scrub if I have a skin condition
While our scrub is made with 100% natural ingredients, we recommend consulting with a healthcare provider if you have any specific skin concerns.

What is the shelf life of the body scrub?
Our body scrubs remain fresh and effective for 6 months.

How should I store the body scrub?
For maintaining the freshness and efficacy of the body scrub, keep it tightly sealed.

Can I use the body scrub while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Even though our body scrub is made with natural ingredients, we recommend checking with your healthcare provider before using it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Embracing Change: We're transitioning to our new packaging! Please note, orders may still arrive in our original packaging until stocks last. Same trusted formula inside, just a fresh new look coming your way soon!

What’s so good about Turmeric Tonic Scrub?

Dermatologist tested & recommended.

Created for all skin types.

Natural, safe & effective ingredients.

Reduces scarring, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Your Simple Routine.

Step 1

Get in the shower and get wet.

Step 2

Rub your desired amount of scrub in circular motions for 30 seconds on damp skin.

Step 3

Add in a brush or exfoliating glove to increase the brightening effects and cleansing properties of the scrub—or just to give your hands a well-deserved break.

Step 4

Let the scrub sit on your skin for 5 minutes while you cleanse the rest of your body.

Step 5

Rinse by massaging your skin under warm running water to remove the scrub, plus any dead skin cells lifted by the scrub.

Step 6

Pat dry and admire your soft, glowing skin. Repeat 2-3 times per week.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Natural, Science-Backed Ingredients.

Jojoba, Grapeseed & Sweet Almond Oils

Jojoba, Grapeseed & Sweet Almond Oils

A trio of ultra-nourishing oils that help lighten scars, even skintone, and leave skin feeling soft and hydrated.
Turmeric Extract

Turmeric Extract

An ingredient proven to reduce redness and uneven skintone, while softening dark spots and skin discoloration.
Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Balances oil, clears pores, fights acne-causing bacteria, andexfoliates to reveal softer & smoother skin.

Stuff you should know

Turmeric Tonic Scrub is created for external use only—keep it close to your bikini line, not your vagina or vulva. If it’s your first time, we recommend spot testing and discontinuing use if irritation occurs.

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Damita Maclin
Results Will Happen!

Purchased this product for my inner thighs. This turmeric tonic scrub is número uno on my glow up regime! With light skin, every spot appears with fierceness. I am more confident in going swimming again because in 3 weeks, I noticed a difference! I was shook and shocked! I will be subscribing to this product. Just be careful not to drop any in the shower, it is a little oily like most scrubs.

Marisa Baker
Not for this product***

Oh & those wet martini pills ??? Definitely work 😂


I read the other reviews before purchasing and they did not lie. This tumeric tonic is amazing! It lathers really nicely and leaves your skin feeling silky smoothe. Best part is that it doesn't stain! Definitely buying again


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