Your Juice Bar.

Join us at the bar and help change the face — and body — of self-care, for good.

How it works.

Three simple steps. Then you’re part of the ambassador club.
step 1: apply

step 1: apply

Submit a short application. We want to get to know you before we get personal with you.
step 2: share

step 2: share

Tell your friends. They’ll get a new way to care for down there, and you’ll earn your piece of the pie.
step 3: earn

step 3: earn

Receive your commission. Then do whatever you like with your well-earned cash. Spend it. Save it. Roll around in it.

What are you joining?

A community of like-minded people who are tired of the state of women’s health, want to have the sticky conversations, and change the face — and body — of self-care for good.

Understand the assignment?

It’s simple. Be creative, have fun, show off your personality, and help more women understand the importance of self-care, down there.

The perks of being an ambassador.

welcome package

Receive a welcome package with products, plus early access to new launches.

20% off

Get a 20% off discount code for your friends, family, and followers.

Earn 10%

Earn a 10% commission on every purchase your community makes.

ongoing support

Access ongoing support with the team at Her Juice Bar.

street cred

Earn street cred. Lots of it.