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By day 2 I noticed a huge difference. Was treated for a yeast infection the week prior and all lingering symptoms are gone. I have no more irritation and feel so much cleaner.


Tomorrow I will be taking Her Wet Martini capsules for 1 week.
I noticed a difference after 3-4 days.
I’m almost 70 years old and am 20 years post-menopause.
I don’t have a partner so I don’t need it for intimacy.,…just wanted relief from the dry, burning sensation I was experiencing for a long time.

Was hoping it would work

No change whatsoever, sadly

The best

This is the answer. I love this product!!

Amazing product

I absolutely love this product. It work’s immediately. I also got the wet cocktail. Put those babies together and watch them work magic. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because the capsules of the suppositories did not dissolve all the way. Hopefully it was just this batch that I received. I will be purchasing some more.

Love it

I love this product so much
I noticed a changed in the first week
I’ve been buying them for a while now

80 Count Wet Martini Vaginal Moisture Capsules

2nd bottle

If you were wondering if these pills work. While on birth control they do. I've been on the pill for 4yrs. The moisture to my vagina has changed. I'm 31 yrs old. I take 1 martini pill a day. 2 pills is a lil bit to much for me lol, but the martini pills work wonders!

It’s real!

I took the capsules as directed on the bottle and by the 3rd day my partner and I had a NIGHT! I was definitely more wetter.

It works buy it!!

I have no idea how, but all I know is it works!! I suggest you buy it. You will have a sweet ocean!!

The Truth

Yesssss these pills are the Truth .. Splish splash 💦💧Seen results in 2days. My new fave. I will definitely be ordering again. My new life saver.

Wet wet wet

Exactly what the title is on the bottle it came and delivered baby , will be continuing and it seems to give a lil boost of sex drive in the process. Very pleased with product

The bomb!!!!@

OMG!! I was a little skeptical, but I am glad I tried them. They are great.

Wet Martini Vaginal Moisture Capsules

I have looked and looked for something to treat my dryness and this product has done wonders. I feel like I'm back to being my old self. Thank you so much

Slippery Martini


Best thing ever!

It works! Period! Just buy it, you won't regret it. 😉


I truly noticed a difference in wetness and sound. This product is awesome.

This is it!

I absolutely love this product. I recommend it to all my female friends and family! Best Supporting reduction ever!

Better get yours, I got mine!!!

I purchased the virgin cocktail and the tea tree daiquiri!!!! Okay, first off I'm going to be transparent! These products are the TRUTH!!! I sceptical about it, didn't think it would work for me. I've been buying Lume, and I still would have a odor. Not saying the product wasn't good, just not good enough for me! This Virgin Cocktail, I used it the first night it came in the mail... LET'S JUST SAY I CAN BE UNDER MY HUSBAND AND CLIENTS, AFTER SWEATING ALL DAY AND NOT BE SCARED TO GET CLOSE TO PEOPLE!!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING, only thing I've noticed it after using the suppositories, I guess from the capsule I would urine and wipe and notice a gritty feeling. I would smell the tissue after I wipe and I smell NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRODUCTS AND YOU HAVE A PURCHASER FOR LIFE!!!!

The Wet Martini is the Bomb!

This suppository is the bomb! Never had a problem with wetness before but this right here had him going all night.

This Stuff Works!!!

I was skeptical when I placed me first order. By day 3, I was convinced! Ladies, you don't have to suffer anymore. I LOVE this product!

Wetness oh my

This is the best product I have found. Tried many and this worked for me within 3 days! I will forever keep buying it.


My anxiety and depression medicine kinda lessened my moisture down there so I gave these a try. On day 3 I legit thought I had started my time of the month but there was no way bc I had just finished! I went to the RR and my panties were WET! So these do work!!

Tea tree ph balancing wash

I was SUPER skeptical at first about this product. I was scared it was going to give me a yeast infection or allergy reaction of some sort just bc my skin is soo sensitive to new things. I tend to just stick with one thing! BUT after a week of trying this, I didn’t get anything that screams ITCH, this oh balance wash is AMAZING! I’ve notice the first few days after using this wash, I’m fresh down there. My 🐱 is happy, no foul smells no smell at all down there. The 🐱 is happy, I’m happy! ♥️

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