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Can't wait

I am still on my first week taking them, I will put them to the test on Saturday. I have noticed a big difference in my ph balance not to mention I am more moist just thinking about sex. Thank you Her Juice Bar!


He still here! He taking a nap!! I have only been taking this since Saturday and it’s Wednesday! He said “idk, what happened (he gave a good performance) but i did not want to end right now and i gotta take a nap” the bed is soaking! It’s all me!! I’ll will be taking this for life! After being on depo for years and then medication for anxiety i been dry! I’m back!

Game changer !!!!

I love all your products. The best out . Definitely had to put all my friends on

It is amazing!

It started working immediately! I have been celibate for 6 years, so as you can imagine getting back into the groove was a bit difficult. It was done wonders and has given me a confidence back and has allowed me and my husband to go with our friend Mr. Lub.

this stuff WORKS! I already ordered my second bottle & I have no complaints! It started to work right away, 1 day for me. I was too hesitant to insert anything in my downstairs area, but I took a chance when I read how great it has worked for others & I don’t regret buying this! & they’re so useful for clearing up the smell fast after your cycle is done!

It really works!!

So all I can say is it works.. I only gave 4 stars because of the breakdown of the suppositories but it works!!

Virgin Cocktail Suppositories

All I can say is that I'm so happy that I ordered the tea tree wash and Virgin Cocktail Suppositories and the both together is a perfect match for me...Ladies hurry up and order it will be the best thing that happens to you


I absolutely love it 😍

LARGER BOTTLE Wet Martini Vaginal Moisture Capsules (60 Count)


I just want to say first that i am extremely impressed with how fast i received my order and how great this company is with giving you your order statutes. I recently had a very stubborn yeast infection that did not seem to go away no matter what i did. I really started feeling hopeless and very sad and defeated. Thankfully i ran across this item and the reviews were amazing. I have been taking for about 3 days now and all my symptoms have improved. No odor and no funky discharge . My yoni is getting back on track thank you so much My Juice bar you have a loyal customer for ever. 😃😊

Happy Hour Mixer
Jeanine Williams
So Happy that I discovered Her Juicebar!!!

So far I’ve very satisfied with my products!!!

Good Product

The Product seems to work really good will be getting more in a couple of weeks

Wet Martini Vaginal Moisture Capsules


All i can say is Chileeee Im shocked


I’ve been using this for almost a year but I stopped for about 4 months just to see if I could actually tell the difference….YES I DO!!! Not that I’m “dry” but these pills make it “Over the top”. I recommend them to all my friends. Don’t take my word for it…TRY IT!!! You and your partner will be like “Dayummmm”

Happy Hour Mixer
Dominic Hernandez
Wife now has WAP!!!

So my wife has battled with some vaginal issues and some dryness. But came across this stuff on instagram and figured “I’m sure it won’t help but it’s worth giving it a shot.”
Fast forward 2 days and my wife said she feels like a new woman with this stuff. We joke around saying it but we’re serious at the same time, she now has some WAP! This is definitely something she will be regularly taking from now on. Can’t say enough good things about it!


These capsules are AmaZing!!!! Works like a charm. Sometimes I’ve actually just dripped while walking. Honey, they work at will for me. I’m 54 and crossed the menopause threshold. It’s my lil secret. For me they are an enhancement. I was ok before, these have taken things to next next level. I’ve been using them for about 6 months. Stay hydrated while taking these.

Must Have!

Absolutely love this product. I’ve only been using it for 5 days, and it’s already made a huge difference! My husband keeps commenting about how much more wet I am. I love it!! Definitely helps me feel better about my concern of being a 29 year old that requires lube every time due to dryness. You have to get it!

Amazing product!

I have suffered from BV for quite a few years. Recently I used this product when I began having bv symptoms (very strong odor by that point). Within a few days I was back to normal! In the past I would need a Flagyl script to clear it up, and sometimes a second round of antibiotics because it was so bad…not anymore! Do yourself a favor and try this if you have issues with bv!

Great Product

The Virgin Cocktail is amazing. I have recurrent BV; and the meds from the doc seem to only help eith the irritation but not the odor. I noticed reults within the first 2 days. I started right after my cycle finisjed and i noticed a difference almost immediately. I always have a slight odor a for a day or two after my cycle but not when i used this product.
I havent used the Wet Martini yet bc i wanted to use the virgin cocktail first but i am anticipating great results.

Yummy 😋

I smell yummy and even taste better thanks so much for taking the time to dedicate yourself to making a product that has changed the game when it comes to woman’s PH balance. This product is top notch

Just Get It!

Took me a while to write this because I wanted to make sure I gave it an honest review. TMI WARNING (this is all you get lol) - Saw this on Instagram like most people may have. Of course I said to myself, “this can’t be worth all the hype!” But proceeded to add to my cart anyway LOL. When it arrived I had just started my cycle, but that was a good thing. It normally takes about a week for the juices to start flowing again after my period leaves, so the timing was perfect. I wanted to see if this would help speed up the process, if nothing else. After the first week of use and my period had ended, during my boyfriend and I’s first “session” he literally said, “HOW ARE YOU SO WET RIGHT NOW ?!” All I could do was laugh manically 😂😈 it’s been WAP Central ever since 💦 Should I tell him about my new secret weapon ? 🫣 Waiting for my second bottle to arrive. What are you waiting for ?!?

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